Quiz Meisters has been doing weekly pub and bar trivia shows longer than Facebook has been around. However the recent Coronavirus outbreak and the restrictive measure put out by our government to help contain it has meant we have stopped all shows aroudn the country which resulted in over 120 people losing their jobs.

As part of an initiative to survive the lockdown on pubs and bars, we have come up with a few online products, including what you see in this merch store. Choose from items featuring your favourite characters and segments from our weekly trivia shows. If you're looking for a design or piece of merch that you can't find - get in touch and let us know. We want you to have the merch you want and deserve.

Plus, all proceeds go towards Quiz Meisters hosts, staff and venues that have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. By buying our products, you are helping us return when this all blows over. It's win-win really. You get to support your favourite trivia company and get some sweet merch to show off. If you are in a position to help out, give us a hand and buy our merch. In the meantime, take care and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

Oh, and if you'd like to check out what shows are back on (and when), check out our main website to see our venue list.

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